Spa Treatments and Therapies

Spa treatments and therapies were originally based upon water. Water is essential to life and our bodies largely composed of this element.

Taking a shower, enjoying a lazy bath, using steam inhalation to clear blocked pores and open sinuses, plus drinking plenty of water and eating food with a high water content (raw fruits and vegetables), can all form part of your home spa session.

Add to this the therapeutics of herbs and essential oils, pampering your body with naturally fragrant shampoos, soaps, creams and lotions, enjoying the health giving benefit of herbal drinks plus using natural healing remedies to trigger self healing processes and you will soon notice the positive effects of how you look and feel.

Remember too that  exercise and deep relaxation also have important parts to play in your spa regime. Together they will tone and strengthen your body, refresh and rejuvenate your soul and help you to cope with the stresses and strains of modern life.


There are many different type of therapy that you can use in your home spa. The following an overview of some of the more popular treatments.


Hydrotherapy is the official term for water therapies. These include the therapeutic use of water (hot and cold) in baths, showers and steam inhalation to improve the circulation, cleanse and refresh the body and to aid relaxation. Sweating, whether through hot steam inhalations or via exercise plays an important role in spa treatments as many toxins are released through the skin.


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of fragrance using essential plan oils. Each oil has a particular healing property with the power to effect the mind, body and emotions.

The oils can be used in a variety of ways. They may be used in the shower or in the bath or added to creams, lotions and massage base carrier oils such as almond oil and rubbed into the body.

Essential Oils for Spa

You can also vaporize the oils in an aromatherapy oil-burner or steam inhalation and breath deeply on the healing fragrance. Select the oils that most closely match your requirements.


Herbalism is the use of plants for health and well-being. Herbal preparations are made using a plants fresh or dried leaves, stems, flowers, roots or other parts of the plant.

These may then be used in herbal teas, in beauty products or in steam inhalation for instance. Herbal remedies are also available commercially over the counter in capsule form.

Bach Flower Essence

Bach remedies as they are known are useful and popular for treating negative mental and emotional states.

Bach Flower Remedy

Bach Flower Remedy

The remedies are made from infusions of the flower heads of particular plants and trees, preserved in alcohol. The remedies are best taken with a glass of water or under the tongue, 2 to 3 drops at a time.


Setting the Home Spa and Massage Mood

Civilizations throughout the world have valued the healing powers of water. To the ancient Greeks, it was the elixir of life and temples to the Gods where often built close to hot springs.

The word “spa” means a curative mineral spring and is derived from the town of Spa in Belgium. The practice of “taking the waters” became popular in ancient Roman times, when people enjoyed water treatments followed by massage with fragrant oils and lotions.

Today it is possible to enjoy spa treatment at home, maximizing the benefits of combining water treatments with diet and exercise and natural therapies.

Enjoy a little pampering and book some spa dates in your diary, tailoring the program to your needs.

Spa benefits have countless benefits for body, mind and soul, whether it is to detox and revive, relax and unwind or restore and heal – the choice is yours.

Environment and Mood

The Romans recognized the sensual and therapeutic power of fragrance. The Emperor Nero for example relaxed in water baths scented with rosemary and bay.

You too can create a sensual haven, soothing away everyday concerns in a warm and fragrant atmosphere.


To create your sanctuary use candles to create a subtle flickering light. Scented candles are particularity apt as they will further provide a relaxing mood. You can also include house plants or fresh flowers to further set the mood and add a sense of calm, luxury and natural beauty.

Also have available a good supply of thick warm and freshly laundered towels and use a lose fitting bathrobes. Towelling ones are extremely comfortable and beneficial as they can absorb a lot of moisture.

Get to know the properties of herbs and oils and hen to use them to suit your different moods and needs. There is a scent, a soap and a lotion for every occasion.

Assemble your spa and massage ingredients with thought and care, adding your favorite reading materials or music to compliment the mood you have put together. If you choose your oils, ambiance and environment well then  you will have no issue relaxing and switching of from the pressures and stresses of the outside world.